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marius eijkelestam
graphic designer


about me

me is Marius Eijkelestam.
I live in Rotterdam, which I like because it's very well connected to the rest of the world.
After studying Creative Communications at the Inholland college I worked at several agencies, in-house and freelance, in the Netherlands and Germany. Covering everything from branding, advertising, web, B2B and B2C, profit and non-profit.

I'm a creative problem solver, big on practical ideas and craftsmanship. I think before I do, always with a pen and marker block at hand. I also like to look beyond design and get involved with strategy and project management.

I'm married to Irma, we have two kids: Hannah (5) and Laurens (3). When not chasing after them or at work I'm rolling around on either a skateboard, a bicycle or on a wave. Or checking art and design in museums and galleries. Or cooking for friends. Or doing stuff not really worth mentioning specifically.
I also like shooting photos but I run for cover when someone is trying to shoot me.
(the fact that you can see what I look like is all thanks to Enith van Tongeren-Stenhuijs)